Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Matthew Dilke has been miniaturised as the first guinea pig in a scientific programme.  His first task is to survive in his own back garden - before he takes on Eastern Europe!
  • E.W. Cole began a small publishing and second-hand book selling business in 1865, and by 1873 had opened the first incarnation of his book arcade, with the recognisable rainbow arch facade. The Cole's Book Arcade became one of the great iconic stores of Melbourne in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first Cole's Funny Picture Book was published in 1879, sold for 1s and selling a thousand copies that Christmas. The book was divided into themes or 'Lands' (e.g. Girl Land, Picture Puzzle Land, Doggy Land, Sleep Land etc). The book was reprinted and re-edited many times, often with new content added - the first edition had only 62 pages  and the iconic Victorian puzzle pictures for which the Funny Picture Book is known were added after the first few editions. By November 1918, the book was in its 48th edition with 230 pages - over 400,000 copies had been printed. The second Cole's Funny Picture Book appeared in 1909 and sold alongside the first.  Like its predecessor, it was also divided into 'Lands'. Much of it would be wildly politically incorrect now - such as an illustration of Cole's Patent Whipping Machine for Flogging Naughty Boys  (48th edition, No. 1.). Illustrated with abulous Victorian pen and ink style drawings. This copy is the 1980 'Surprise' reprint of the original.
  • Why do some societies and civilisations flourish, while others flounder? What happened to those who made the forlorn, abandoned statues of Easter Island? Or to the architects of the crumbling Mayan pyramids? One day, will our skyscrapers stand derelict and overgrown? Many cultures have disintegrated because of environmental crises - and most of those were self induced.  The author takes us on a comprehensive, rich tour of history and the world, with a neat little trip into a possible future. Black and white photos.
  • Book V in the Worldwar series. A sci-fi of an alternate universe, in which, in the 1960s, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States cannot stop fighting among themselves in order to ward off a massive wave of extraterrestrials.  It may mean the conquest of the earth and the extinction of humanity.
  • June, 1941: Germany throws the might of her armies onto the Eastern Front and Britain feels relief after the months of isolation.  How long will the respite last? Gregory Sallust is sent on a secret mission into the depths of Russia to test the strength of the Soviet fighting machine.  But the Germans also have plans and in a Swiss village a deadly trap is being readied - with the lovely Erika von Epp as bait.

  • Eight fabulous Conan tales: Queen of the Black Coast; The Curse of the Monolith; The Bloodstained God; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Lair of the Ice Worm; The Vale of Lost Women; The Castle of Terror; The Snout in the Dark. Conan battles, brawls and drinks his way across the Hyborian Age to rise at last ti the throne of a mighty realm. Slave, thief and now a mercenary in the armies of Turan, he embarks on his most hazardous ventures yet.  Cover art by Frank Frazetta.
  • This volume of epic Conan contains five stories: Hawks over Shem; Black Colossus: Shadows in the Moonlight; The Road of Eagles; A Witch Shall Be Born.  Cover art by Frank Frazetta.
  • There was menace in the night skies over England: an international smuggling racket with far-reaching political implications. Gregory Sallust knew nothing of this when, in the Casino at Deuville, he first saw the beautiful Sabine Sventy. Even the presence beside her of Lord Gavin Fortescue -  a man as rich as he was evil - gave him no warning of the violence and danger to which he was committed from that very moment, nor that he would have to save Sabine from a retribution that she ha surely earned.

  • It's 1942, the Titanic is still cruising and the world is at peace.  Suddenly, there's a distress call from Counter-Earth, our twin planet on the other side of the sun.  A ship is launched with Albert Einstein and the first woman pro baseball player - Babe  Didriksen - on the crew. But at the same time, Juan Peron and his lovely Evita launch a faster ship from Argentina, armed for war in space. Who will reach Counter-Earth first? A brains-and-baseball alliance of American heroes?  Or an Argentinian temptress and her fascist husband? Reviewed as  'audaciously inventive...a wild romp through a very strange universe.'