Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Long ago the little land of Isle seemed to be the whole world.  Vast oceans encircled the Forest.  The Old Ones walked on the Wastes or the Wealds.  Gods, ghosts and delvers in the hollow hills were no strangers to the woven shade at the castle gates.  It was in those times that The Book of Suns was begun, although the Sun Kings knew it but dimly, and a far flung fate got started when a lady as fair as sunlight loved the Moon King at Laureroc.

  • Charles Render is the  Shaper - a psychoanalyst and a mechanic of dreams. In a warm womb of metal his patients dream their neuroses, while Render, intricately connected to their brains, dreams with them, makes delicate adjustments and ultimately explains and heals. Eileen Shallot is a resident in psychiatry who wants desperately to become a Shaper. She has been blind since birth. She's told that it's impossible for her to become a Shaper - but can Render help her?
  • Landlords are never the most popular people, and there is little grief when the greedy, ruthless Mahendralal Bakhle is blown up in his boat on beautiful Periyar Lake.  Suspicion falls on the boat-boy who died with him but Dominic Felse, a member of a party of young tourists who were accidentally involved with the tragedy, is not convinced of the boy's guilt. And when they move on, it seems the terror is still pursuing them.   Violence and death erupt in the home of a very different landowner, where Dominic and his friends are guests, and follow them relentlessly south to the very tip of India where Dominic and the Swam Premanathanand, a man of peace, unravel a deadly Indian rope trick of hatred and murder.

  • This volume of epic Conan contains five stories: Hawks over Shem; Black Colossus: Shadows in the Moonlight; The Road of Eagles; A Witch Shall Be Born.  Cover art by Frank Frazetta.
  • The author analyses the factual case for UFOs , asking whether the numerous sightings are real, nonsense or a bizarre phenomenon. He examines numerous classic sightings, revealing new aspects of these cases, including the jimmy Carter UFO sighting, the UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill and various other close encounters. Historical parallels to modern UFO sightings and claims of those who saw witches and fairies are also examined. Illustrated with black and white photographs.
  • Book I in The Chronicles of Morgon. A world where the wizards have disappeared but the lore of the Riddle-Masters holds sway; a tale of the prophecy that linked the Starbearer to the end of the Age; and  Morgon, reluctant Starbearer and the quest he must undertake in the distant fastness of the Erlenstar Mountains.
  • The young man whose father had told him to come back a man met Lillian and Carlos on a boat to Port Said.  They take a trip together up the Nile which will take them into a bizarre world of strange sex, nightmare violence and gruesome death.
  • Earthmen and Aleriona have met in space and neither can afford to let the other get too strong.  The Aleriona claim that all the inhabitants of the captured human outpost, New Europe, were killed.  The World Federation on Earth seems committed to peace at any price.  But there are those - like ex-navy Captain Gunnar Helm - who know that further appeasement will only lead to more Aleriona aggression.  He believes there must be a showdown NOW - before it's too late.
  • The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.  Thomas returns unwillingly to a Land ravaged by four thousand years of Lord Foul's pestilence.  Under the evil Sunbane, the people submit to cruel sacrifices; the rulers of Revelstone are corrupt; the fields and the forests are laid waste; the healing Earthpower is impotent.  Accompanied by a woman from his own world, Thomas begins a new quest to save the Land.