Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Little Nell Luscombe padding naked and tanned in her native Devon streets was the delight of the local GIs.  Growing up, she learnt that there was a good living to be made from her substantial charms.  From servicing the Weymouth fishermen, she progressed to the peak of her profession, running a high class establishment - all tastes catered for - at Westminister.  A modern Moll Flanders, a girl no better than she ought to be and doing very nicely, thank you!
  • Daisy Holt was always convinced that something wonderful was just about to happen, and when dismissed from her post as a nursery maid, she set off cheerfully into the jungle of Mid-Victorian London protected by nothing but her innocence.  When Kitty Hammond, proprietress of the 'select establishment' discovered her, she was quick to realise that Daisy had a rare talent and she was, unwittingly, saved from a life of prostitution to become a successful entertainer.  It was there she met impoverished artists John Skelton.  To him, Daisy represented the perfect model, one who would inspire his work.  But Daisy fell hopelessly in love with him.  Her love would launch her on a stormy career in which luxury, admiration and suffering would all play a part.
  • We all know and love Forrest, and here is his story, as told by himself.  Travel with him from football dynasties to the Vietnam War, encounters with Presidents and pow-wows with Chairman Mao, to Harvard University and Hollywood. If you've ever felt left out, lacking or put upon - this is a book for you.  
  • The year: 2142 A.D. The place: Taprobane, a tropical island paradise. The project: A giant space elevator to transport men and materials to a point outside the the earth's atmosphere. The man: Ace engineer Vannevar Morgan. The problem: The only suitable site is a sacred mountain jealously guarded by monks...
  • Napoleon is at the height of his powers and has become the complete autocrat, lusting for more power. Roger Brook, the most valuable and resourceful of secret agents, moves among the centres of power of Europe and beyond and is taken, by mischance and intrigue to Turkey, Persia, Portugal and Brazil. Interwoven with the history is the thread of Roger's passionate involvement with the beautiful Lisala de Pombal, who plays her part in leading him from one desperate situation to another.

  • A small boy stands by a grave, his eyes wide, his face ashen...A man looks lovingly at a body, the eyes twitching, barely alive...a senior investigator stalks his prey:  a genius, a monster, a bloodsucker... The dying don't live to tell the tale.
  • The coronation celebrations for George I were state-ordained gaiety - a brittle, artificial gaiety.  For many the rightful king was still the Stuart Pretender over the water.  In the vigorous North country, the Jacobites were strong.  Mary Lawley felt the country's conflicting loyalty in her own heart.  The two men in her life were committed by birth and conviction to the opposing sides.
  • Regarded as a terrifying mix of fact and fancy, here is the now famous story of the evil possession of a little girl called Regan, and the battle for her soul.
  • The first of Cornwell's Scarpetta stories.  In Richmond, Virginia, three women have died, brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms.  The only connection is that the killer always strikes early on Saturday mornings.  And when Scarpetta is woken at 2.33 a.m., she knows there is a fourth victim.  She must dig up new forensic evidence to aid the police.  But not everyone is pleased to see a woman in a powerful job.  There are some who want to ruin her career and reputation.