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//Slight edgewear
  • You cannot add "Count Zero: William Gibson" to the cart because the product is out of stock.
  • When a circus tent fire calls reporter Dalton Walker into action, he's disturbed to find that an eight year old girl is a victim of the tragedy; and no relatives come to identify the body. While searching for leads Walker has to juggle a second, seemingly fluffier piece: the success story of a young Amish woman he left her pious home to make it big in New York as a dancer. But not every big city story is what it seems....

  • The four pretty young Misses Admiral, having shed their tyrannical Scandinavian Pa, are kicking up their heels in the Charleston when their orphaned niece Jenny arrives from Australia to live with them.  The child is as romantic and flighty as they, and in spite of their game efforts to rear her respectably, Jenny joins the household as just one ore frolicsome girl - just considerably shorter and with freckles! Set in a New Zealand country town in the 1920s.

  • A host, with a wry sense of humour, assembled a party including seven people with very good reasons for killing each other, in a snowbound English country house.  The victim was one of the seven - but had he been mistaken for someone else?  The suspects all had alibis, for no-one could've committed the murder with passing the dancing footman - and no-one had passed him.
  • A double helping of murder and mayhem. Death and the Dogwalker: While walking his dog early in the morning, antique dealer Jason Lynx finds the body of an acquaintance shot dead and carefully posed on a seat.  Jason discovers a terrible secret behind the murder and his investigation arouses a storm of illicit passion, greed, betrayal and revenge. Death For Old Time's Sake: Jason Lynx is administering his recently deceased foster father's estate when he is interrupted by a corpse left on the doorstep of a family planning clinic being blockaded by anti abortionists.  The corpse is soon identified as Simonetta Fixe: known by many, but it is unknown what she did long ago that brought murder to the clinic's door, killing her - and perhaps trying to kill Jason as well - for old time's sake.
  • A murderer strikes on board the luxury Nile steamer Karnak - and Hercule Poirot faces yet another baffling tangle of suspects and motives.
  • Male and female, positive and negative. With hands linked, they formed a deadly weapon capable of delivering a lethal high-voltage shock to anyone, anything they touched. Fear made them hostile - and dangerous. Recognising himself in them and fascinated by the lovely Lioa, Mark Harris was drawn into their charged current. They alone could tell him where he had come from, who he was. But he had not reckoned on the forces that would compel him, calling him to complete a desperate alien mission, threatening the fragile new bond he had forged with the earth - and with Men. Cover shows Patrick Duffy as Mark Harris in the TV series Man From Atlantis.

  • Landlords are never the most popular people, and there is little grief when the greedy, ruthless Mahendralal Bakhle is blown up in his boat on beautiful Periyar Lake.  Suspicion falls on the boat-boy who died with him but Dominic Felse, a member of a party of young tourists who were accidentally involved with the tragedy, is not convinced of the boy's guilt. And when they move on, it seems the terror is still pursuing them.   Violence and death erupt in the home of a very different landowner, where Dominic and his friends are guests, and follow them relentlessly south to the very tip of India where Dominic and the Swam Premanathanand, a man of peace, unravel a deadly Indian rope trick of hatred and murder.

  • Book V of The Amtrak Wars. With Clearwater now safely in their hands, the Federation hatches a plan to capture Cadillac and Mr Snow and annihilate the Clan McCall.
  • At the heart of the Empire lies Golgotha, the planet of the Iron Throne.  Once, it was impregnable but now...the Iron Bitch may have made a mistake.  She outlawed Owen Deathstalker and awoke a lust for revenge in a quiet man.  At last, the espers and clones, the AIs and freaks, the innocent and the damned have someone to look to to lead the Rebellion.