Slight sun fading on spine

//Slight sun fading on spine
  • A presentation of revolutionary evidence that Man and Machine will cease to be separate in the future.  This is more than mere speculation - the current generation of robots can see, learn, talk - think Google Mini- and may even feel. Artificial organs and prosthetics are being created to replace deficient natural ones. Current work on electronic stimulation, biofeedback techniques, telefactors and prosthesis is bringing us to the time when science fiction and science fact merge.
  • 'Watch,' he said, pressing his hand against the oak.  His fingernails changed colour slowly to moss-green; his hand absorbed the texture of the solid bark, transforming into a stunted branch of the tree; gnarled, knotted, living tree... It began as a students' game.  A harmless attempt to control their dreams.  But they stayed too long on Dreamside and now the dreams have returned; dreams summoned by forces beyond their control and powerful enough to threaten their sanity. Cover art by David Bergen.
  • On November 26, 1703, a great gale tore through England.  Some Londoners had narrow escapes on the chaos and others died, among them Joan Fletcher, the shrewish wife of Alan Fletcher the ironmonger.  But the savage blow that split her head open points to other circumstances.  George Man, a young Parish watchman, trails the ironmonger through the streets as the storm rages,to find that Flecther has a secret life amongst a web of intrigue that stretches from the brothels of Westminster to the Tilbury brickworks, owned by mysterious Dissenter Daniel Defoe.  He, Man realises, holds the keys to the murder, if he can only be found.
  • Five centuries after Rameses, the temples of northern Egypt lie deserted, the gods forgotten.  Injustice and corruption reign and the empire seems to be doomed to ruin.  Only one man, a Nubian, ruling his kingdom from the South, rejects this destiny.  Piankhy has only one desire: that the gods should once again dwell in a united Egypt.  But in order for this dream to come true, this man of peace must confront the Libyan Tefnakt, the ambitious and authoritarian prince of the North who is determined to force the country to submit to his will.
  • The Companions of the Ring have been scattered, but the Quest must continue.   Legolas and Aragorn, after tracking Merri and Pippin to Fangorn Forest, join Rohan against the forces of Isengard to participate in the battle of Helm's Deep. Merry and Pippin, having escaped from the Orcs and stirred up the Ents to battle, are separated - one goes to Minas Tirith and the other to battle with the Rohirrim and the mysterious Dernhelm. Gandalf, miraculously returned from the dead, defeats the evil Saruman, as Frodo and Sam continue to Mordor to destroy the Ring, accompanied by Smeagol/Gollum, still obsessed by his 'precious'.  After a battle with Shelob, the monstrous spider, Sam believes Mr Frodo to be dead and continues alone -  but Frodo is still alive and in the hands of the Orcs. And all the time the armies of the Dark Lord are massing...
  • Book V of the Warrior series. The world of New Dawn was a pleasure planet for some, but for Terrilian it was a prison, a world where the Primes - the empaths who acted as agents for the interstellar Amalgamation government known as Central - had been gathered together for the specific purpose of creating the next generation of their own uniquely talented kind.  With the Primes chemically conditioned to obey, Terrilian alone questioned the forced mating system and began to seek escape from New Dawn as other forces began to focus attention on this secret, government-controlled enclave.  For Terrilian and the other Primes, could prove the most  powerful weapon the universes had ever known - for peace under the right leadership - or conquest under the wrong masters. Cover art by Ken Kelly.
  • Book III of Time Police.  Jackson Dubchek was exiled by the notorious Time Police. A citizen of the Second Republic in 2249, Jackson is stranded in Mexico in 2074, unable to return to his own generation.  But Jackson is not alone.  He meets a Mexican historian and his beautiful daughter who have also been exiled to the past. With these fellow travelers, Jackson pieces together the truth about the Second Republic and their Time Police - they are changing the past in order to protect the future.  Jackson must decide whether to try and set himself against all the resources of the Second Republic.  But first he must determine how the events of 2074 differ from the way the Second Republic has recorded them  and before the Time Police can catch him. Cover art by Paul Youll and Steve Youll.