Slight tanning.

//Slight tanning.
  • When American Helen spies an advert for an English bookshop that has the books she wants, she goes shopping via airmail. A lifelong correspondence springs up as she buys more books and learns about the lives of the proprietor, Frank Doel, his employees and England, while they learn about life in America.  The book the reproduction of their correspondence in which Helen also learns about England's problems with rationing and starts saving frantically to take a trip to 84 Charing Cross Road. The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street  is the diary of that trip upon publication of 84 Charing Cross Road.  This was made into an iconic film starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins.  A very memorable book.
  • Ernest Fletcher was found dead in his study, his head severely battered. At first it seemed a complete mystery, for Fletcher was well-liked. But Superintendent Hannasyde soon found that the dead man was not what he appeared. In fact, there was a whole host of likely suspects...And then the killer struck again.
  • A young, get-ahead lawyer is approached by  group of families who believe themselves poisoned by toxic waste dumped near their water supply.  Many of their children have died of leukaemia.  Two of America's largest companies defend the action.  Nine years of tooth and nail litigation follow, with millions of dollars at stake as the lawyer fights a David and Goliath battle against the resources of big business.  A true story.
  • In which Nichols explores and investigates different faiths and religions.
  • Book III of Worlds of Tiers. It was a world of tiers and layers - the Amerind level, the Garden of Eden level, the Talanac, the Atlantean - a universe of green skies and fabled beasts.  It was the playground cosmos of Lord Jadawin, with trans-gravitational gates to the other worlds and levels. But now those gates are being sabotaged to permit the entry of an invading force of 'Bellers' - human bodies housing the transferred minds of rebel Lords and their minions, who were seeking two things - total domination of every Lord's private cosmos, now that they had achieved immortality, and the life of Kickaha the Trickster, who knew too much.
  • Pilgrim is again at the centre of strange and mysterious affairs.  When last heard from, the Flying Dutchman of Spacetime was busy robbing the Pyramids so that he could fuel his spaceship/time-machine.  His latest scheme is to reach back in time and save President Abraham Lincoln from assassination...After the fact! Cover art by David Mattingly.
  • A century ago, Dracula joined forces with Sherlock Holmes in a pact of blood and honour.  Then he was faced with a merely human malice - this time there is evil enough to make a vampire shudder! Cover art by Robert Andragna.
  • Subtitled Being a Series of Bouquets Diffidently Distributed. Nichols interviews the luminaries of his day, including theatrical entreprenuer C.B. Cochran, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aldous Huxley, George Gershwin, H.G. Wells, Osbert Sitwell and Somerset Maugham, among many others.
  • Undercover enforcer Sean Dillon tackles a new crisis as Presidential skeletons threaten to burst out of the closet. In the last days of World War II, Hitler gave his diary to a young aide, Baron Max Von Berger, for safekeeping. Over the years, Von Berger has become the richest and most powerful men in the world, developing a secret alliance with the Rashid family - old foes of Major Ferguson of British intelligence and his former IRA enforcer Dillon. Now, the diary and its explosive revelations of a secret wartime meeting between Hitler and Roosevelt will destroy US President Jake Cazalet - unless Dillon finds it first.