small chip in back cover

//small chip in back cover
  • Absolute zero. The universal ultimate. No-one has ever found it. Yet two hundred years in the future, among the families making up the population of the Moon, William Pierce is almost there. In the dark void of the Ice Pit the frozen Heads are ready to yield their secrets...Cover art by Peter Jones.

  • The world has degenerated into a disease-ridden, overpopulated dump.  Chemicals have poisoned the landscape and reduced humanity to the  edge of starvation. Ecology is a meaningless word from the past.  There is a solution - but it's so frightful that man cannot conceive of it ever being put into operation. Only one man, Knowle Noland - ex-convict, ex-traveller and captain of the tramp freighter Trieste Star - is prepared to try.  He alone is ready to fire a shot that will throw the world into hideous war but may leave a brand new world for survivors - if there are any.Cover art by Bruce Pennington.