Very good and clean within

//Very good and clean within
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  • Leander Starr, famous director and famous deadbeat, is on the run from alimony payments to two ex-wives, the Internal Revenue Department, financial support for his long unseen daughter and from the formidable and wealthy Mrs Worthington Pomeroy - who could put him back on Easy Street, if only he could stand the sight of her.  Enter an assortment of eccentric characters:  Mr Gruber of the Internal Revenue, Starr's leading lady, Catalina Ximinez, Starr's daughter Emily and a dashing con-man.  Another zany feast from the creator of Auntie Mame.
  • Features contributions from such luminaries as Arnold Bennet, Roald Dahl, Conan Doyle, Ernest Hemingway, Doris Lessing, Jack London, Irwin Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Evelyn Waugh and many others.
  • Here is the definitive history of Qantas, tracing the formation of the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, its struggles in outback Queensland, its steady growth and the rivalry as the competition increased. Plenty of archival black and white photographs.
  • Here is a veritable tossed salad of resort guests: old, young, eccentric, snobbish, pleasant and revolting and a good mix of employees  to create a real microcosm of human nature.  There's Miss Dukemer, the worldly wise cashier; Purcell, the Assistant Manager who likes ladies and liquor; the rich Mellott sisters who share their suite with a Siamese cat; the wealthy couple who order one small breakfast between them; the elevator boy who has a hair fetish; the newly weds who aren't sure what goes where and many more memorable and eccentric characters.
  • Barney Sullivan and Mary Morden are prepared to submit to appalling blasphemies and take part in horrific sexual rites in order to penetrate a Satanic circle in an attempt to solve a foul and brutal murder. Sullivan is a secret agent who, horrified by the virtually unrecognisable body of one of his colleagues, becomes involved in the bestialities of Satanism whilst investigating Communist activities which threaten the security of the West; Mary has a past which enables her to put moral scruples aside – as she knows she must if she is to triumph over evil and bring the Devil worshippers to justice...