The  Age of Innocence:  Newland Archer, smug and self-assured, is engaged to the lovely May Welland. Enter May's cousin, the exotic and Bohemian Ellen Olenska, and all of Archer's life-long beliefs and values are thrown into a tailspin.

Summer: The passionate tale of Charity Royalle, which takes place in an impoverished, barren New England village.  Regarded as very shocking in 1916 and was Wharton's favourite book.

Madame de Treymes: John Durham, a hopelessly-in-love and idealistic American, becomes entangled in the rigid and formidable code of the French aristocracy. Madame de Treymes, sister-in-law of his beloved Fanny de Malrive, appears to hold the key to the divorce that will give Fanny her freedom.