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  • London - from the days of the Romans through two thousand years of history - as seen through the eyes of generations of the same six families. This is both a unique narrative exploration of the city's development from humble trading post to the hub of a mighty empire and the very human story of the men and women who made it great. Through the lives and adventures of memorable characters - Julius, the small-time Roman coin forger, risking his life to find buried treasure; Dame Barnikel, who runs the tavern where Chaucer and his pilgrims carouse; Geoffrey Ducket, the founder of a dynasty whose members one day become peers of England; Edmund Meredith and the actors in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; and little Lucy, living by Dickens's muddy Thames - the reader can experience London's growth from its first beginnings and become part of the wonderful pageant that flows on still today.
  • From the days of the Romans to the Victorian engineers who created the Tower Bridge, through compelling lives and adventures:  Julius, the small time Roman coin forger, risking his life to find buried treasure;   Dame Barnikel who runs the tavern where Chaucer carouses; Edmund Meredith and the actors of the Globe Theatre and little Lucy, who lives by the Thames in Dickens' day. A history of London, 'told' by those who were there.
  • An epic tale of four families from the medieval period to the 1960s: from the lies that spawn the noble line of de Cygne who claim descent from the hero of the celebrated poem The Song of Roland; the revolutionary Le Sourds who seek their destruction; from the Blanchards whose bourgeois respectability is threatened when one son joins the underworld near the Moulin Rouge, creating a scandal; and the hard-working Gascons who lose everything during the reign of Louis XV yet rise again in the age of Napoleon to become part of the art and culture of Paris. Real events and people make their appearance on this stage: Napoleon, Louis XVI, Monsieur Eiffel...the occupation of France in World War II, the Paris Commune, the World Exhibition...all these and more make up the epic tale that is Paris.
  • British civilisation unfolds from one place - Salisbury - from beyond recorded time to today. The ancient landscape shapes the destinies of five families. The Wilsons and the Shockleys, locked in revenge for 400 years; the Masons, who pour their love into the creation of Stonehenge and Salisbury  Cathedral; the Porters, descended from an young, exiled Roman soldier; and the Godefrois, who will fall to the very bottom of the social ladder before their fortunes revive. As their fates and fortunes intertwine over the course of the centuries, their greater destinies offer a fascinating glimpse into the future. An absorbing historical chronicle, Sarum is a keen tale of struggle and adventure, a profound human drama and a magnificent work of sheer storytelling.
  • England's New Forest is a place of mystery, myth and legend. Witchcraft, smuggling, poaching and treachery run through the bloodlines of Rutherfurd's characters - well-born ladies, lowly woodsmen, sailors and monks, merchant families and proud nobles. There are great deeds and small, cruel laws, the dangers of the Armada and the elegance of the Georgian period.  All these events and people - and more - affect the ancient life of the Forest.