James Hilton

//James Hilton
  • Mr Chipping, the new teacher at Brookfield School in 1870, finds that he must be a conventional and firm disciplinarian in the classroom to keep the boys in line. This does not make him exactly popular - but his views broaden and his pedagogical manner breaks down after he meets Katherine, a young woman, while he is on holiday. They marry and Katherine charms the Brookfield teachers, the Headmaster  and quickly wins the favour of Brookfield's pupils through her kind good humour. She gives her husband the nickname of 'Chips' to the delight of the boys and she teaches Chips how to have a joke with the boys and to close his eyes to some of their minor misdemeanours.  Chips' popularity soon rises and his career at Brookfield is very long - but he sees his 'boys' grow to become fine men who can meet the challenges of the sweeping world changes that occur over his long life. A simple, unforgettable and evergreen story that continues to win hearts today.
  • The famous classic of a gentle, unassuming teacher with a great mind and a noble heart, loved by generations of schoolboys.
  • Hugh Conway saw humanity at its worst while fighting in the trenches of the First World War. Now, more than a decade later, Conway is a British diplomat serving in Afghanistan and facing war yet again - this time, a civil conflict forces him to flee the country by plane. When his plane crashes high in the Himalayas, Conway and the other survivors are found by a mysterious guide and led to a breathtaking discovery: the hidden valley of Shangri-La. Kept secret from the world for more than two hundred years, Shangri-La is like paradise—a place whose inhabitants live for centuries amid the peace and harmony of the fertile valley. But when the leader of the Shangri-La monastery falls ill, Conway and the others must face the daunting prospect of returning home to a world about to be torn open by war.
  • From the author of Goodbye Mr. Chips and Random Harvest.  A story of a plain and ordinary man, in a world not fit fopr heroes to live in, yet plain men often had to become heroes.  George Boswell is just such a man.  His wife, Livia, a sinister influence that George must eventually face on a day which was the turning point of his life.  Set in a Midlands industrial town before and during World War II.
  • Colin Revell gained a reputation at Oxford as an amateur detective and is asked by the Headmaster of his old school, Oakington, to make enquiries into a strange accident - a boy has been killed by the fall of a heavy, old-fashioned gas fitting in the dormitory. Revell finds nothing of interest - but then the corpse of the dead boy's elder brother is found in the school's swimming pool. Revell again rushes to Oakington; but now a Scotland Yard detective is investigating. An exceptionally diabolical crime is discovered but to prove it is a difficult problem which depends not on clues, but by exploring and exploiting the characters of the various suspects. A very different offering from the author of Goodbye, Mr Chips. Originally published as Murder At School.