• The Universal Transmitter Company has discovered the matter-transmitter, a means of transporting people  to and from all parts of the globe in a split second.   But on the second day of commercial operations, two women mysteriously fail to reach their destinations.  Their identification is found to be false, and no friends or relatives have come forward.  Detective Jan Darzek is hired to investigate and is landed in a precarious, out of this world adventure.
  • Rahl, a young apprentice scrivener on the island of Recluce, likes life to work out in his favour. And he has a bad attitude. To ensure things go his way, he uses a small amount of order magic at opportunistic moment - but his abilities are starting to get the attention of the Council magisters. So the Council send him to a mage school for testing and through misuse of his powers - which are growing stronger all the time - he gets himself banished to the continent and the empire of Hamor. As an exile in Hamor, working in the Council's import and export business, Rahl finds his powers increasing - and so does the amount of trouble he can get into to! Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.