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  • Book II of Jerry Cornelius. Jerry inhabits a world at war with itself and, armed only with an occasional vibragun, fights against history for the freedom of randomness against the straitlaced conventions exemplified by his brother Frank.  He is set loose from his Ladbroke Grove H.Q. into a London Chamber of Horrors - who are Bishop Beesley and Karen Von Krupp, the erotic ghosts of Vietnam and the ex-bank clerk slave girl? Cover art by Bill Sanderson.

  • Book V of The Dancers At The End Of Time. At last!  A self-proclaimed saviour has arrived at the End Of Time, home of the deliciously decadent and frightfully bored. Unfortunately, the last thing they need is a messiah. Especially one like the Fireclown - who offers such unlikely gifts as Madness, Pain and Doom. Still, he does provide a welcome touch of amusement and - dare we say? - conflict to the final days of Man.  Indeed, that impregnable spinster, Miss Mavis Ming, is more than a little charmed by his attention - despite the destruction he might wreak on one and all. Such is the way of love...Cover art by Robert Gould. Published in Britain under the title of The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming.
  • Ten trips to the far reaches of imagination.  In this volume: The Ash Circus, M. John Harrison; All the King's Men, B.J. Bayley; Mix-Up, George Collyn; Time Considered As A Helix of Semi-Precious Stones, Samuel R. Delany; Lone Zone, Charles Platt; Two Poems: Flower-gathering and Transplant, Langdon Jones; The Apocalypse Machine, Leo Zorin; The Beach Murders, J.G. Ballard; The Wall, Josephine Saxton; The Tank Trapeze, Michael Moorcock.
  • A selection of shorts, articles and a novella published for Michael Moorcock's 5oth birthday. This volume: Short Stories: Casablanca; The Frozen Cardinal; Hanging the Fool; The Murderer's Song; Mars; The Last Call. Non Fiction: Scratching a Living. People:  Mervyn Peake; Harlan Ellison; Angus Wilson; Andrea Dworkin; Maeve Gilmour. Places: Taking the Life Out Of London;The Smell of Old Vienna; Literally London; People of the Book; London Lost and Found;Building the New Jerusalem. Pornography and Politics:  Who's Really Covering Up? What Feminism Has Done For Me; Caught Up In Reality; Anti-Personnel Capability; The Case Against Pornography. Fiction: Gold Diggers of 1977.  Seemingly, a must for any Moorcock fan.
  • Book 14 in The Tale of the Eternal Champion. Three stories: Count Brass, The Champion of Garathorn and The Quest for Tanelorn. As both hero and heroine, the Eternal Champion must test the limits of reality, trade illusion for more illusion, all in a desperate bid to regain a lost love and come at last to the fabled city of tranquility, Tanelorn.  But first the avatars of the Champion - Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekosë and others must pool their strength and swords, their wisdom and courage in order to bring about the Conjunction of the Million Spheres, the most mighty change in the order of the multiverse. Cover art by Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Book I of Elric of Melniboné. This is the tale of Elric, later called Womanslayer; of his love for Cymoria and of the rivalry with his cousin Yrkoon - a rivalry that would bring the Dreaming City crashing down in flames by the reavers of the Young Kingdoms. Elric, the red-eyed albino, inheritor of waning powers, his strength precarious, sustained by arcane drugs.  A hero unfit for his role.  This is the story of monstrous emotions and high ambitions, of sorceries and treacheries, agonies and fearful pleasures - a story that Elric would remember only in his nightmares...
  • Book II of a trilogy, coming between Blood and The War Amongst the Angels and which continues the adventures of the von Bek family, of Captain Quelch and Sundry Other Characters. Eleven interlocking tales  free-range throughout the times and places of the twentieth century exploring the myths and dictates by which most of us still  live. Following the careers of Graf Ulrich von Bek, Sexton Begg (Detective Extraordinaire), Albert Begg (Pirate Chaser) and Rose von Bek, the Angel of the Sporting Club Square - an obscure and perhaps magical corner of London that seems oddly immune to the normal effects of time. Cover art by Gustav Moreau: Dead Poet Borne By Centaur.
  • Gloriana rules an Albion whose empire embraces America and most of Asia. A new Golden Age of peace, enlightenment and prosperity has dawned, in dazzling contrast with the brutal austerity Albion endured under the iron hand of Gloriana's father, King Hern. Gloriana is Albion, and Albion is Gloriana; if one falls, so will the other. Much depends on Montfallcon, Gloriana's Chancellor, and his network  of spies and assassins - in particular cold-hearted Captain Quire, seducer of virtue and murderer of innocence. When the two quarrel and Arabia conceives a plan to ruin Gloriana, a huge intrigue is hatched, threatening to destroy Albion, the Empire and the Golden Age, in a love affair between the Queen of Virtue and the King of Vice. Cover art, detail from Sappho  by Gustave Moreau (1893)
  • Colonel Pyat dreams and schemes his way from New York to Hollywood, from Cairo to Marrakesh, from cult success to the ultimate limits of sexual degradation, leaving a trail of destruction, both human and mechanical, in his wake as he crashes toward an appointment with the worst nightmare of this century. An epic and hilariously comic adventure in which Pyat is sustained by his dreams, and profligate inventions, his determination to turn his back on the realities of his own origins and runs from crisis to crisis creating ever more links in a chain of deceit, suppression and betrayal...yet this thoroughly unreliable narrator becomes a lens for focusing on an uneasy brand of truth.  The third book in the Pyat  series, which began with Byzantium Endures and The Laughter of Carthage. Cover art by Peter Dyer.