Patrick Dennis

//Patrick Dennis
  • The sequel to the famous Auntie Mame. Now known as Mrs. Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside, she is on her travels with Ito, her Japanese manservant, her best friend Vera Charles and her long-suffering and well-educated nephew Patrick.  She is presented at Court wearing plumes and white brocade; she makes a brief appearance in the Folies-Bergere wearing plumes and little else; she visits Venice and Vienna, blazes a trail through Biarritz and makes mayhem in the Middle East.
  • Mame - now known as Mrs Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside - takes on the world with Ito, her Japanese manservant, her best friend Vera Charles and of course, her nephew Patrick.  He records their adventures with faithful hilarity, whether Mame is being presented at Court in white brocade and plumes in her hair, or appearing in the Follies-Bergere in just the plumes; blazing through Biarritz or making mayhem int he Middle East.
  • When young Patrick, a wealthy orphan, comes to live with his Aunt Mame in the 1920s, he arrives in the middle of a riotous cocktail party and learns very quickly that Mame is not the average aunt.  She is vitally in love with life and loves causes, whether it's taking on a stuffy and outdated education system, or combating racial prejudice in suburbia.  Patrick receives an eclectic education - such as how the word 'bastard' applies to the family lawyer, what goes on in speakeasies and what causes hangovers.
  • Here is Patrick Dennis' tale of a childhood spent with an outrageous, modern aunt, set against the rich background of the Roaring Twenties.  An interesting retro paperback, with Rosalind Russell in the role of Mame on the cover.
  • When wealthy orphan Patrick is left to the care of his Auntie Mam during a cocktail party in the 1920s, he doesn't know what to expect.  Mame is not the average aunt - she's progressive in all things and loves to do battle against a stuffy education system, racial prejudice in the suburbs, phony intellectuals and snobbishness in general!  Meanwhile Patrick learns very rapidly about eugenics, Freud, speakeasies and how the word 'bastard' applies to Mr Babcock, the family lawyer.  As he grows up, Auntie Mame lovingly interferes in his romances to his embarrassment, discomfort and an eventual learning curve.  This novel has been made into a film twice, once with Rosalind Russell and then with Lucille Ball in the title role.
  • Mame is no average aunt, as wealthy orphan nephew Patrick learns when he arrives in the middle of a riotous cocktail party of the 1920s.  Mame loves life and loves causes:  whether she's fighting an outdated (in her view) educational system or squashing racial prejudice and pretensions in the suburbs.  Patrick has a very eclectic education, which extends into his adulthood as Mame lovingly interferes in his first romances with hilarious results.
  • The hysterically funny inside story of the fictional Butterfield Administration of 30 days duration in 1909 as told by the 'First Lady', hostess of the Executive Mansion for that one month.  Among other things, she details her rise from genteel poverty in the Deep South to sudden wealth, her romances, glamour and travels; and then to love, marriage and the ultimate address - the White House!  Now a spry 94 years and a permanent 'guest' at the Boskey Dell Home for the Senile and Disturbed, Mrs Butterfield gives American political history a real shock treatment in the mock-memoir complete with photos.
  • A hilarious account of the fictional ill-fated 'Butterfield Administration' (March 4, 1909 - April4, 1909) as told to Patrick Dennis by Martha Dinwiddie Butterfield:  patent medicine heiress, social leader and Nobel Prize winner.  Now a spry 94 years, she suffers from total recall of every inconsequential detail (sometimes inaccurate!) and can give more detail than the reader will care to know about Lohocla, the miraculous medicine, the doomed Bullfinch party, the steamy side of Washington and her beloved husband, George Washington Butterfield, America's most misunderstood statesman.  A faithful 'documentation' complete with photos of 'Martha's' life and adventures.