Philip Jose Farmer

//Philip Jose Farmer
  • They were known only as The Nine - grim, ancient rulers who thirty thousand years ago had discovered the key to eternal life and had ever since held the world in thrall. Doc Caliban had once been their servant and had shared their secrets. Now, appalled by their tyranny he had turned against them, daring to challenge their centuries-old supremacy. Together, with two henchmen whose superhuman skills match his own, Caliban sets out on the trail of the deadliest of The Nine - the mad goblin Iwaldi, the very incarnation of  evil. Originally published as The Mad Goblin.
  • The Lavalite World is a world of slow and constant change. The very landscape moves. Here, mountains rise from plains or sink into seas.  New oceans form as vast hollows collapse and seas rush in. There is only one escape from this bizarre planet: a single gateway to other universes which is in the palace of Lord Urthona. Paul Janus Finnegan - also known as Kickaha - must reach it if he is going to survive. And he must do it despite the Lords Urthona and Red Orc, the hired thug McKay, flesh eating vegetation on the run, assorted strange beasts of prey AND planetary pseudopods. Cover art by Fred Gambino.
  • Book V in World of Tiers. The lavalite world is a world of slow yet constant change.  Here, mountains rise from plains or sink into rifts; new oceans form as vast hollows collapse and seas rush in.  There is only one escape from this world  - the gateway to other universes is in the palace of the Lord Urthona.  Paul Janus Finnegan - also known as  Kickaha - must reach it if he is to survive.  And he must do so despite Urthona, Red Orc, the hired thug McKay, flesh-eating vegetation that's on the move and planetary pseudopods. Cover art by Boris Vallejo.
  • Book III of Worlds of Tiers. It was a world of tiers and layers - the Amerind level, the Garden of Eden level, the Talanac, the Atlantean - a universe of green skies and fabled beasts.  It was the playground cosmos of Lord Jadawin, with trans-gravitational gates to the other worlds and levels. But now those gates are being sabotaged to permit the entry of an invading force of 'Bellers' - human bodies housing the transferred minds of rebel Lords and their minions, who were seeking two things - total domination of every Lord's private cosmos, now that they had achieved immortality, and the life of Kickaha the Trickster, who knew too much.
  • Book I of The Dungeon. Plunging into a planet-sized prison, Clive Follot faces a fantastic world of dwarves, cyborgs and aliens unlike anything he has ever imagined. It is a multi-level collection of beings from the hidden folds of time and space. Trapped somewhere inside is Neville Follott, Clive's twin brother, and no creature in the Dungeon will stop Clive from finding him.

  • Medium is a heart-warming machine, designed to provide a connection with the dead.  Now all the world could reach their loved ones - at a price. Anything so emotionally loaded and carrying that kind of price tag could be a powerful political weapon. But no-one, not even the inventor, could guess at how terrible that price might become. Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • The Cold War Corps was to be the instrument of salvation in freeing the Earth from the tyranny of the Haijac Union. It was Dr. Leif Barker's idea, but he was getting kept in the dark by his bosses in the March Republic about what the CWC was actually doing. Its network of spies spread throughout the world, working towards the Ultimate Solution that would free the Jacks and turn them towards the True Religion. But Barker had suspicions. Which was freedom, which was tyranny? Which of the two super-powers was really the villain of this terrifying tomorrow? In  a mad world where love was a sin and sex a crime against humanity, he had to find out quickly - before the day of Timestop! Previously released as A  Woman A Day and The Day of Timestop.
  • Book II of World Of Tiers. Wolff-Jadawin, demigod in Earthman's guise and Lord of the World of the Tiers, opened his eyes to see the symbol of the Master-Lord Urizen floating below the ceiling. The summons from the cruelest of the universe-makers was direct and urgent. Jadawin's beautiful wife had been abducted and held captive by the satanic Urizen. To redeem her, Jadawin was required to enter the many-leveled universe constructed by Urizen for his personal torment - and possible destruction - and forced to venture through world after brutal world to storm the Gates of Creation. Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.
  • Opar - the Atlantean colony in the heart of Tarzan's Africa; in the words of Edgar Rice Burroughs, a hidden city of  'gold and silver, ivory and apes, and peacocks.' And -  the starting point of this story,  twelve thousand years ago, when Africa had in inland sea and a high civilization bloomed along its forgotten shores, when lost empires flew their time-vanished banners, and deeds of daring were commonplace. Hadon, son of ancient Opar, whose claim of the throne launches him on a dangerous adventure. Cover art by Julek Heller.