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//The Australian Army
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  • Published for the Australian Military Forces by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, in 1944. Full of sketches, poems, colour plates and photographs, cartoons and jokes, as well as those fabulous yarns that Aussies can tell so well - and all by the service personnel who were engaged in the South West Pacific during World War II.  Contributors are identified only by their service your grandfather or great grandfather may be among the authors.  Here we do not find battle statistics, plans or  generals - just the down to earth Australian Diggers.

  • The Australian Army at Home and Overseas, by Some of the Boys and published by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1942.  Chapters include: Star Over Bethlehem; Diggers in Britain; Midnight Messiah; Purple's Pup; Arab Justice; Digger v. Doughboy and so much more.  Our boys' impressions of Christmas in a cold climate and local customs as well as the American servicemen and women here in Australia.  The colour plates, interestingly, are pasted in. Tales, jokes, sketches, cartoons and  on-the-spot experiences a-plenty. Illustrated in colour and black and white. A treasure mine of information.

  • With the Australian Army at Home and Overseas.  Published for the Australian Military Forces by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1943.  With news and information  - literally - as it happened from the Middle East and the South West Pacific. Chapters and writings include: Alamein Christmas Shops; Luck and Gus; I Saw a Panzer Attack; The Log Which Wasn't; Moon Madness; Survival of the Fairest; No Mates in the Army and much more, all written by Australia's Own. With stories, yarns, cartoons, poems, fabulous colour plates, black and white illustrations and photographs. Real war history.