A miscellany of articles, experiences, people, six new short stories and a long novella. In this volume: Short Stories: Casablanca; The Frozen Cardinal; Hanging The Fool; The Murderer’s Song; Mars; The Last Call.

Non-Fiction: Scratching A Living; Mervyn Peake; Harlan Ellison; Angus Wilson; Andrea Dworkin; Maeve Gilmore; Taking The Life Out Of London; The Smell Of Old Vienna; Literally London; People Of The Book; London Lost And Found; Building The New Jerusalem. Pornography And Politics: Who’s Really Covering Up; What Feminism Has Done For Me; Caught Up In Reality; Anti-Personnel Capability; The Case Against Pornography. Fiction: Gold Diggers Of 1977 (Ten Claims That Won Our Hearts). Cover art by Diane Pfister.