After a mining crew on a far-off planet makes a disastrous first contact with an alien civilisation, General Eron Ryle and the leaders of Earth’s Alliance of Government debate if there can be peace between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Notorious war hero General James Ford is called upon to lead a squad of elite soldiers to the alien infested Alliance Colony Ellora and find the co-ordinates of the invaders’ home world in the hopes of launching a pre-emptive strike to end a war before it can begin. Together with ethnologist Dr. Lea Goss, bull-headed Specialist Braxton Ryle, demolition expert Dash Wick and quantum engineer Lt. Fiona Ardene, Ford’s mission goes awry and the squad is forced to reckon with the idea that that Earth could be colonised by the invading army. Also stars Perrey Reeves, Brandom Thomas Lee and Adelaide Kane.