Mr. Rice’s Secret: On a dare, 12-year old terminally ill Owen Walters sneaks into the mortuary and videotapes Mr. Rice’s funeral. Later, Owen and his friends break into Mr. Rice’s house to watch the video. But in the bedroom, they find a sealed envelope, addressed to Owen – a letter from Mr. Rice, written in his secret code. Mr. Rice has left Owen a medieval ring, a treasure map and a series of clues. Clues that will lead him on a surreal treasure hunt and one step closer to his destiny…which may save his life.  David Bowie, Bill Switzer.

A Problem With Fear: Escalators, elevators, spaghetti dinners, talking too loudly in public, revolving doors, hiccuping, crossing the street, travelling on the subway – and – commitment. Laurie Harding is a phobic extraordinaire.  It’s been years since he used an escalator…and he is able to predict events that he fears. A loaded elevator drops 30 stories. A woman’s scarf is caught in the escalator and she is strangled to death. A man is hit by a speeding car just as Laurie has a premontion not to cross the road… People are dying all around him as a Fear Storm hits the city!  Absurdist comedy with plenty of pop culture satire. Paulo Costanzo, Emily Hampshire.