Shelby Cheney: the beautiful, raven-haired actress is married to macho film star Linc Blackwood. She only puts up with his infidelities because only she knows the secrets of his past; Lola Sanchez: the sexy superstar has climbed to the top the hard way. As an unknown, she had a steamy encounter with Linc Blackwood. He doesn’t remember their night together and although Lola is now married to tennis pro Matt Steel, she wants revenge on Blackwood – and she can’t resist the love of her life, drug addicted, brilliant, Tony Alvarez. Cat Harrison, the blonde, independent writer/director has a wild-child past, a hit movie, a rock-star husband and an amorous, powerful studio mogul determined to make her do things his way or not at all – but Cat’s got plans of her own.  Plenty of steam, sex, scandal and Collins’ own brilliant dry wit and wry sideways look at behind the scenes of Hollywood’s marital wars.