Book III of Otherland. The oddly beautiful winged woman with sad eyes had a dream-message for Paul Jonas. There is a place, a black mountain that reaches to the sky – that covers up the stars. You must find it. That is where all your answers are. Paul’s memories of who she was and what she had meant to him had been removed…Yet her cryptic messages were his only hope of survival in the incredibly complex virtual reality world known as Otherland…where a terminally ill teenage boy defends his life in a war-torn simulated Ancient Egypt; where Orlando Gardiner has been called to Priam’s Walls in Ancient Troy; where the Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful simulation network imaginable and injured the minds of thousands of children; and Renie Sulaweyo has broken into the Otherland network in a desperate search for the cause of her brother Stephen’s death-like coma as she and her companions navigate an unfinished land and a seemingly endless labyrinthine house, pursuing a sociopathic killer who has stolen one of their number. All are striving to reach  Priam’s Walls before the date set by the Grail Brotherhood for the ceremony when they will make their bid for immortality and thereby seal the fate of Earth’s children forever. But before they can stop the Brotherhood, they must solve the mysteries of Otherland itself and confront its darkest secret – an entity known only as the Other… Jacket art by Michael Whelan.