A Landover novel. A year has passed since Ben Holiday bought the Magic Kingdom and claimed his throne despite the machinations of the wizard Meeks. Three loyal friends have come to his aid: the incompetent Court Wizard Questor Thews; the Court Scribe, Abernathy (a talking dog) and the lovely Willow who is sometimes a tree. Ben now dreams of a former partner, Miles, in grave trouble. Questor also dreams – of finding the lost books of magic; and Willow meets, in her sleep, a black unicorn with a gold bridle. But Ben, on his return to Earth, finds Miles in the best of spirits. He returns to Landover – and no-one seems to know him. Questor’s magic books are damaged, and Willow, who has gone to see her mother about the unicorn, has not yet come back.  Meeks is gloating – he sent the dreams and now he has the medallion that gives the King the power to summon the Paladin, that mysterious knight-protect. Not only that, Meeks has assumed Ben’s appearance and Been looks like a vagrant.  Ben is outcast, recognised only by his enemies and unable to seek help from the Paladain.  The only thing that might help is the prism cat- whatever that is!