Antiquities & Oddities

//Antiquities & Oddities
  • further stir of porridge
    Seven more rounds of sparring, as Fletch and his fellow cons of Slade nick continue their struggle against the authority of Messrws MacKay and Barrowclough.  Cover features the late great Ronnie Barker as Fletch.
  • gipsy of the horn
    The narrative of a voyage around the world in a Windjammer in 1919.
  • Xenophon

    In 404 B.C., the Spartans demolished the famous Long Walls of Athens, signalling the complete victory of the city of Lycurgus and the subordination of all Greece to the Spartan interest. Yet within forty years, the pride of Sparta had been humbled, their glory gone for ever.  Xenophon lived through this time; despite being Athenian he was intimate with some of the most influential people in Sparta, including King Agesilaus. Here is the on-the-spot documentation of the last years of the independent cities of Hellas, by someone who saw it all.  Translated by Rex Warner.

  • pilgrim's progress
    In which Nichols goes on an exploration of different faiths and religions.
  • pilgrim's progress
    In which Nichols explores and investigates different faiths and religions.
  • a pilgrims progresspilgrims progress
    Beverley Nichols examines and discusses various religious faiths - by trying them out for himself.
  • a place called lantern light
    Just the three of them now that Father had died:  Mother, Jane and Jeremy.  They had left their Tasmanian home to drive across the Nullabor to Lantern Light, the remote homestead of Uncle Bill, Jane's only relative. For Jane was adopted and although she had been very happy with her foster family, the prospect of meeting her relative made every dusty mile worth it.  But Uncle Bill in the flesh was very different to the man Jane had dreamed about...
  • small book of grave humour
    A compendium of true and truly eccentric epitaphs, such as:  John Tyrwitt: He died in a fit after drinking Port Wine, April 3rd 1828... or... Major James Brush who was killed by the accidental discharge of a pistol by his orderly: 14th April 1831 'Well done, good and faithful servant' (Someone wasn't thinking about how that would read!)  and this one, very succint: Thorpe's Corpse.  
  • son of the peopleson of the people
    Kemeny Andras is tall, handsome and has just inherited a vast fortune.  He is respected and liked by all who live in the village.  He seems to have everything:  except Ilonka, the beautiful daughter of a noble lord. Kemeny is a peasant and therefore not considered to be a suitable match - until one night, disaster strikes.  Loaded with twists, turns and tailspins, the author claims that the events are based on a true sotry.