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//Antiquities & Oddities
  • Sir Charles Augustus Shelmadine was an autocrat. He ruled his village with a firm but kindly hand - instructing his tenants on their crops, their children and their love affairs. And when he died and the new Squire came, the village stirred uneasily. For the new Squire had strange ideas - and even stranger friends - friends like Mr. Mundford who never seemed to grow any older and whose name was linked with the terrible Hell Fire Club. And Mr. Mundford was interested in too many things that should not have concerned him... like the ruins of the old Roman temple... and what happened in the village on All-Hallow's Night...and in the silent, amber-eyed young woman called Damask Greenaway.
  • The hilarious sequel to 1066 And All That. Contains chapters on: The Theory and Practice of Polar Exploration, Psycho-Babycraft, The  Practice and Fury of Knitting, A Brief Exposé of Modern Photography and more.  A Pythonesque title with Blackadderesque contents.
  • From the authors of 1066 And All That who again prove beyond a doubt that a little learning is a humorous thing.  Here are included chapters on Myth Information, Archipelagoes and All Those, Psycho-Babycraft, The Practice and Fury of Knitting and The Truth About Birds and more.  Classic British humor.

  • The North had Rock Island - the South had Andersonville. The names of both of these prisons, during the American Civil War, struck horror  into the hearts of those on both sides. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, acclaimed as one of the finest Civil War stories since Gone With The Wind, does not only look at the prison camp, but at the lives of those it touched - weaving a story which is regarded as deeply disturbing, moving, grotesque, beautiful, brutal and comic. Regarded as an excellent companion book to GWTW.

  • Subtitled Being a Series of Bouquets Diffidently Distributed. Nichols interviews the luminaries of his day, including theatrical entreprenuer C.B. Cochran, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aldous Huxley, George Gershwin, H.G. Wells, Osbert Sitwell and Somerset Maugham, among many others.
  • The sequel to the famous Auntie Mame. Now known as Mrs. Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside, she is on her travels with Ito, her Japanese manservant, her best friend Vera Charles and her long-suffering and well-educated nephew Patrick.  She is presented at Court wearing plumes and white brocade; she makes a brief appearance in the Folies-Bergere wearing plumes and little else; she visits Venice and Vienna, blazes a trail through Biarritz and makes mayhem in the Middle East.
  • Mame - now known as Mrs Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside - takes on the world with Ito, her Japanese manservant, her best friend Vera Charles and of course, her nephew Patrick.  He records their adventures with faithful hilarity, whether Mame is being presented at Court in white brocade and plumes in her hair, or appearing in the Follies-Bergere in just the plumes; blazing through Biarritz or making mayhem int he Middle East.
  • Horace Wheeler is handsome, quick-witted and poor. Horace's one desire is to be in love, which leads him into proposing. Aunt Jane is a sincere, kind-hearted Christian widow who's not always appreciated for her words of wisdom or her little "sermons". Those little sermons interfered with the good times Horace has with the less serious young people he keeps company with and his unfailing sense of humor and easy manner makes him a favorite in his crowd. But then the Civil War breaks out and Aunt Jane's prayers follow Horace after he enlists to fight - and his experiences make him become a different man; not only physically but spiritually.  
  • When young Patrick, a wealthy orphan, comes to live with his Aunt Mame in the 1920s, he arrives in the middle of a riotous cocktail party and learns very quickly that Mame is not the average aunt.  She is vitally in love with life and loves causes, whether it's taking on a stuffy and outdated education system, or combating racial prejudice in suburbia.  Patrick receives an eclectic education - such as how the word 'bastard' applies to the family lawyer, what goes on in speakeasies and what causes hangovers.