Antiquities & Oddities

//Antiquities & Oddities
  • A compendium of true and truly eccentric epitaphs, such as:  John Tyrwitt: He died in a fit after drinking Port Wine, April 3rd 1828... or... Major James Brush who was killed by the accidental discharge of a pistol by his orderly: 14th April 1831 'Well done, good and faithful servant' (Someone wasn't thinking about how that would read!)  and this one, very succint: Thorpe's Corpse.  
  • Kemeny Andras is tall, handsome and has just inherited a vast fortune.  He is respected and liked by all who live in the village.  He seems to have everything:  except Ilonka, the beautiful daughter of a noble lord. Kemeny is a peasant and therefore not considered to be a suitable match - until one night, disaster strikes.  Loaded with twists, turns and tailspins, the author claims that the events are based on a true sotry.
  • A celebration of Misprints, Typos and Howlers from the printed media.  Includes such gems as this ad:  'Mr S. Butters for reasons of ill health, is permanently discontinuing widow cleaning'... The Bull and Crown menu which features 'Crap Soup'... and unfortunate phrasings like the following: ' The pastor will preach his farewell message, after which the choir will sing Break Forth Into Joy.'  A wonderful collection with plenty of laughs.
  • A classic of Australian Literature.  Book Club Edition, dust jacket covered with plastic.  Has previous owner's name and two tape ghosts.
  • When brother and sister Drew, 11, and Sammy, 5, are orphaned they fear that they will be separated when they are sent to an orphanage.  The children set out for Perth from the small country town of Wyanilling, blithely believing they will find a ship sailing to England and their grandparents. It is desperate trek through the Australian bush. The police are out in force, searching for them with trackers, rewards are offered and the story builds until politicians become involved in the plight of two small children, wandering the vastness of the Australian bush alone.

  • A novel based on historical fact, it tells the complete story of the part in the Bounty mutiny by the man known as Alexander Smith - real name John Adams - his fate and that of the eight other mutineers. The book offers adventure and excitement as well as a logical, commonsense view of events that have intrigued historians since Bligh's first dispatches from Timor reached London.