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  • Dated 1954, a curio full of murder, mysery and mayhem from various contributors.
  • Richard Jago, 14-year old Cornish lad, saw no harm in helping his father and brother smuggle brandy ashore.  But thye are cuaght and Richard is sentenced to 14 years transportation in the penal colony of 1830s New South Wales.  Adventures on the seas, cruel masters and the temptation to abscond...But then Richard finds a new family.
  • The author talks mostly about people he claims to know, like his neighbours in his imaginary suburban street, Crawlie Crescent.  And Maisie the Barmaid.  His Uncle Duncan.  And the everyday, absurd family events that were a part of the Australian suburban landscape of the sixties.  Typical Aussie humour at its best.  Illustrated by "Vane'.
  • A diverse selection of Australian prose, poetry, articles, plays and review articles.
  • Nigel Molesworth offers a guide to survival for the 20th century with advice on how to obtain 'More Culture and a Cleaner Brane'; The Peason-Molesworth atommic pile; End of term marks; The Molesworth Report on Masters and a discourse on the topic that 'all books which boys hav to read are wrong'. Illustrated by Ronald Searle.
  • Originally printed in 1940, a fascinating history of Lord Howe Island, its discovery and early associations and illustrated with wonderful old black and white photographs, covering the years 1788 - 1888.  A small, light book, that will have some postage paid refunded.
  • In 404 B.C., the Spartans demolished the famous Long Walls of Athens, signalling the complete victory of the city of Lycurgus and the subordination of all Greece to the Spartan interest. Yet within forty years, the pride of Sparta had been humbled, their glory gone for ever.  Xenophon lived through this time; despite being Athenian he was intimate with some of the most influential people in Sparta, including King Agesilaus. Here is the on-the-spot documentation of the last years of the independent cities of Hellas, by someone who saw it all.  Translated by Rex Warner.

  • A missive of death called young Laura back to Storm House after eight years in Paris. Her proud, beautiful mother had committed suicide by leaping off Cliff's Edge. Laura had been sent away to school when her mother discovered her love for Armand, her stepfather's poor nephew. Now Armand  also returned to Storm House, but he had changed into a brooding, secretive person.  Her home had become a deadly trap - boulders hurtled out of nowhere, the vicious mastiffs got loose and attacked her and a ghostly vision of evil appeared in her room. Laura knew someone in this strange, decaying mansion  wanted her dead and would stop at nothing until her lifeless body was flung from the treacherous cliffs!  Gothic horror/romance at its highest.

  • A recent census taken among cats show that approximately 100% neurotic. Of course they are.  As a human, you have everything they want and you refuse to share it. You take up too much room in the bed, keep the best food for yourself, don't offer them a seat at the table and hang on to the remote control for the TV. This cat's-eye view of thew world is full of helpful pointers, such as:
    • Don't try to give your cat a bath. Cats wash themselves several times a day;
    • The best place to keep food out of a cat's reach is your safe, provided the cat doesn't know the combination;
    • If your cat is willing to share your bed with you, he gets first crack at the pillow, blankets and any space he wants.  You get what's left over.
    • Explain the rules to your cat.  Then follow his.
    • A cat's greatest gift to his owner is that he lends you his presence. That should be more than enough.
    Cat owners know the truth: cats, in fact, own them and their feline needs must be met - sooner rather than later. Illustrated by  Jackie Geyer.
  • Bride-to-be Sophie is on a quest to find her father before the big day.  The only problem is - she's not sure who he is! After reading her mother's diary, she narrows it down to three great loves.  So she invites them all - knowing her mother would not approve - and tries to conceal their presence...but it's not long until the secret's out!
  • The fifth incarnation of the iconic series, and the first to have a lady captain. Starfleet vessel USS Voyager is stranded on the far side of the Milky Way and the crew face a 75 year long journey home. Five disc set.
  • A 1937 mystery in which, no doubt, the bodies pile up and the femmes are fatale - or fainting - in the best tradition of the genre. Illustrated by J. Philips Paterson. A fabulous period piece for fans of the traditional detective story.
  • The space station that was to be the last, best hope for peace was sooner or later going to be eclipsed by new political coalitions and technical advances. John Sheridan, who had guided the massive freeport through its most tumultuous days, knew that his own fate had been unalterably prophesied. Sheridan attempts to wage peace for the Interstellar Alliance, the final destiny that awaits him and his command staff. The final season of this iconic series.  Six disc set.
  • David is the art student son of the Minister for Communications.  He knows his father has a chance of becoming Prime Minister but he also knows that his father's brother is a homosexual living with a flamboyant young actor.  Even a touch of scandal will bring ruin.  So it strikes David as odd when his battle to live away from home is successful on condition that he becomes his uncle's lodger.  Set in the England of the late 1960's.
  • Warne's Star Series
  • Subtitled Being a Series of Bouquets Diffidently Distributed. Nichols interviews the luminaries of his day, including theatrical entreprenuer C.B. Cochran, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aldous Huxley, George Gershwin, H.G. Wells, Osbert Sitwell and Somerset Maugham, among many others.
  • A musical drama tracing the rise to fame of a concert vocalist and his exploration of his African roots.  John Zinga is a British-born stevedore who is discovered by an influential impresario and he becomes a singing star. His newfound wealth and prestige enable him to return to Africa and trace his lineage, discovering he is the descendant of a tribal princess whose people have fallen under the corrupt rule of spiritualists. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • Humourous Australian poetry, often satirising news events of the day:  Down To Earth satirises Professor Auguste Piccard's prediction of future space journeys to distant solar systems lasting thousands of years and from which it would be possible to return without aging.  All manner of everyday life events are in the sights of Foster's gun, from the culinary arts to modern sculpture, with a few sly digs at political notables from the Cold War Era. With amusing black and white illustrations by Emeric.

  • Ranchipur and its inhabitants are sweltering in the heat of summer;  the foreign workers, the missionaries, the hospital employees and the officials.  There is also Tom Ransome, an Anglo-American man of leisure, the self-made industrial peer Lord Heston and Lady Heston. his beautiful, fashionable, promiscuous wife.  Tragedy strikes when the great dam bursts and thousands drown.  This book, which went into countless editions, was made into the famous film The Rains of Ranchipur.
  • Britain's most famous ghost hunter tells of his childhood experiences and encounters with ghosts , as well as touching on a wealth of other paranormal events: corpse candles, elementals, curses, doubles or 'doppelgangers', the hauntings of the Thames Embankment and much more from his vast store of personal experience.
  • A wonderful novel tracing the women of an English family from 1806 until 1934.  The fictional characters are set against the background of the real events of the different time periods, and all characters are very individual and disparate.  No romantic nonsense or sentimentality, just a very well told story.  A book cheaper than a popular magazine, yet will be remembered long after the magazine is forgotten.
  • The Venture, an old Trident nuclear sub retrofitted for research has picked up an ancient and powerful artifact on the ocean floor and brought it on board.  Called the Hades Stone, it allows the dead to return and join the living. Evil things appear in this world - phantoms. demons and an ancient being called the Stone Keeper, the guardian of the Hades Stone. The demons attack, killing the crew. The portal inside the Hades Stone fills the submarine with the accursed souls of the past.  Jack Bavaro, head of Interceptor Force, has gathered his best operatives  they know the submarine has been commandeered and they know they cannot just torpedo it - a navy attack submarine that tried was instantly destroyed by the demon-ridden submarine. They must enter the Venture and do battle  at the bottom of the ocean.
  • A Tale of Rome, in the time of Marcus Aurelius...very few major historical characters will appear here. This story concerns itself with the back streets of Rome; the artisans, the growers and the makers; where hucksters and tricksters rubs shoulders with priests and philosophers.  The Encyclopedia of the Novel describes it as a 'playfully comic' depiction of Ancient Rome. So don't worry too much about any historical inaccuracies you may find!