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//Author Autographed
  • Imagine - you have just finished building your dream home, it has two bedrooms and has been designed just for you. You've endured the traumas of tradesmen who you've had to cajole, bribe and beg in order to get your home finished.  The next thing that happens is that you are suddenly married, and five of your husband's children, two grandchildren, a step-son-in-law and an assortment of animals are living with you. At the end of the year, your cosy two-bedroom dream home has become a six-room mansion.  This is Patsy's entertaining story - all the comical incidents, tradesmen trials, nosy neighbours and extended-family dilemmas from her first year of marriage to Bill, a psychiatrist. Patsy Rowe combined being a best-selling author with coaching in business etiquette, conducting fun nationwide seminars. She passed away in 2016.
  • Galway, universally recognised as the man with the golden flute, recounts his life that began in the back streets of Belfast, where 'everybody played an instrument and if they couldn't afford one, they sang'. For six years he was principal flautist with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan and he also played with the London Symphony orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic. His subsequent solo concerts and recordings have established him as a virtuoso with a superb technique. He began playing the mouth organ, then the violin and then the flute - a complete individualist, of whom von Karajan said, "Talking to Jimmy Galway is like talking to a man from Mars!"
  • Here is a collection of poems all based on real events, highlighting the spirit of Australians.  There is humor, history, mystery;  past events and characters that were part of the landscape of Australia and who,  sadly, are seen no more.  Just some of the titles: Mona Vale Surf Rescue; The Wilga Ghost; Outback Library Man; The Old Camp Oven; Barnado Boy; The Anzacs; Cyclone Tracy and many more. Beautifully illustrated by Jenny Colless.
  • Edward Francis "Eddie" Charlton,  AM (31 October 1929 – 8 November 2004) was an Australian professional snooker and English billiards player. He won the Australian Professional Championship numerous times, was the Pot Black Champion three times and winner of the Kronenbrau 1308 Classic and the Limosin International. He will be remembered fondly by Australians  as 'Steady Eddie' and his appearances on the BBC-TV programme Pot Black.      
  • "If people turn to look at you in the street, you are not well dressed, but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable." So said Beau Brummell, the first metrosexual, 200 years before the word was even invented. His name has become synonymous with wit, profligacy, fine tailoring, and fashion. A style pundit, Brummell was responsible for changing forever the way men dress - inventing, in effect, the suit. He cut a dramatic swath through British society, from his early years as a favorite of the Prince of Wales and an arbiter of taste in the Age of Elegance, to his precipitous fall into poverty, incarceration, and madness, creating the blueprint for celebrity crash and burn, falling dramatically out of favor and spending his last years in a hellish asylum. But for nearly two decades, Brummell ruled over the tastes and pursuits of the well heeled and influential - deemed more important than Napoleon and the inspiration for Byron's Don Juan. Through love letters, historical records, and poems, Ian Kelly reveals the man inside the suit, unlocking the scandalous behavior of London's high society while illuminating Brummell's enigmatic life in the colorful, tumultuous West End. A rare rendering of an era filled with excess, scandal, promiscuity, opulence, and luxury, 'Beau Brummell' is the first comprehensive view of an elegant and ultimately tragic figure whose influence continues to this day.
  • Frederic Slaney Poole (1845-1936), son of Judge  Thomas Slaney Poole, stepped off the St. Vincent at Port Adelaide on November 30, 1867  to work at the Poonindie Native Institution, was priested in 1869, and became incumbent of Robe, a vast parish. Before becoming headmaster  Christ Church Grammar School, Mount Gambier, he travelled to London and married Rebecca Scott. In 1874 be became incumbent of St John's, Halifax Street, Adelaide. Tall, thin, bearded and a keen sportsman, Poole was a popular preacher, fearless in denouncing commercial and sexual immorality, and with 'the reputation of being a man without cant … who is not above taking an occasional glass of whisky, and who would not express unbounded indignation if asked to participate in a game of billiards or cards'.  He was a lecturer in the classics; he conducted a school for choirboys; was chaplain to the Adelaide hospital, gaol and destitute asylum; and  was one of South Australia's first clerical Freemasons, helping to establish the Grand Lodge of South Australia in Adelaide in 1884. His descendant Cynthia has told his incredible story of his life, from horseback priest to Canon.
  • Australian actor and comedian Slim DeGrey (1918 - 2007), known for his roles in They're A Weird Mob, You Can't See Around Corners and many other Australian film and T.V. productions was a member of the A.I.F. Prisoners' Concert Party in the infamous Changi Gaol. There was a funny side; not often and not always, but hilarious and absurd incidents did occur and together with the infamous style of Australian dry humour, helped sustain morale and relieve the drab lives of the P.O.Ws. Littered with fabulous Australianisms and droll sketches, Slim DeGrey definitely found Changi's funny side.
  • James Duncan and Peter Jirapon, brought together by the search for a missing witness in a rape and murder case, they are totally opposite in age, temperament and race.  Duncan is a cynical, high flying publicity man in his middle fifties; Jirapon is a young, intense, idealistic Aboriginal lawyer.  In the course of the search they are swept out to sea in an open boat of the coast of Northern Australia and must find a comradeship in order to survive.
  • The son of New Zealand artist Douglas Badcock, David came to Australia in 1977 with the dream of establishing himself as an Australian landscape painter. His journey began as a commercial artist, learning a skill to rely upon between his early exploration of the the Australian landscape and light. From one such adventure his Flinder's Ranges collection drew the attention to The Elder Fine Art Gallery in  Adelaide who exhibited his location paintings for the first time in 1981. By the 1980s his dream of being an Australian landscape painter was completed and he was featured in a televised documentary series Artists of the Far North.  This book of his paintings charts his remarkable journey.