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  • The sequel to Hunters of the Red Moon. Dane, Rianna and the monster Aratak were the survivors of the terrible hunt of the Red Moon. They had lived to achieve fame and fortune untold.  But life int he Starways was rather colourless - until they were asked to investigate a Closed World - the only one known where two dominant ruling species lived in harmony - with the dread ghosts which threatened to shatter that peace.
  • Kassandra - priestess of Apollo, princess of Troy, reared with the Amazons and initiate of the Great Mother - recounts the Trojan war:  not a romantic clash of heroes over the beautiful Helen, but a tussle for power between humans and the battle between the ancient worship of the Earth Mother and a new, patriarchal pantheon. Cursed by Apollo when she rejects his seduction, she was doomed to always speak the truth and never be believed.

  • An Adept of the Blue Star, Lythande has mastered all the true magics.  But the power of an Adept is always bound to a secret, and whoever discovered the sorcerer's secret could steal the Blue Star power, leaving the Adept defenceless.  And Lythande's secret is the most dangerous of all, forcing her to war against spell beast, sorcerer, thief, swordsman and the magic of the gods themselves...
  • Book I of Avalon series. Eilan, daughter of the Druids, is destined to serve as a virgin priestess in the Forest House of Avalon; Gaius, son of a Roman father and British mother, serves with the legions. Trapped  between a love that cannot be permitted and duty to their irreconcilable cultures, their heart and minds are in turmoil as Rome and the tribes clash in the bitter struggle for Britain. Yet it is foretold by High Priestess Caillean that from the tragic union of Eagle and Dragon will come, one day, a defender of the land.   Also published as The Forests of Avalon

  • Cursed by Apollo, Kassandra, princess of Troy and prophetess of Apollo, is doomed to have her visions dismissed as lunatic ravings, and she is powerless to avert the fall of Troy. A very powerful tale of the Trojan War.
  • A collection of stories spanning Darkover  history. In this volume: THE SETTLEMENT: Vai Dom, Diana L. Paxson; The Forest, C. McQuillin. THE AGES OF CHAOS:  There Is Always An Alternative, Patricia Mathews; The Tale of Durraman's Donkey, Eileen Ledbetter; The Fires Of Her Vengeance, Susan M. Shwartz; Circle Of Light, Kathleen Williams; The Alton Gift, Elisabeth Waters; The Answer, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah. UNDER THE COMYN:  The Rescue, Linda MacKendrick; The Keeper's Price, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elisabeth Waters; The Hawk-Master's Son, Marion Zimmer Bradley; A Simple Dream, Penny Ziegler, M.D.; Paloma Blanca, Patricia Mathews; Blood Will Tell, Marion Zimmer Bradley. AFTER THE FALL OF THE COMYN: Ambassador to Corresanti, Linda Frankel; A View From The Reconstruction, Paula Crunk.
  • Sale! Marion Zimmer Bradley Nights Daughter
    Since time immemorial, when the Serpent-Lord coupled int he Great Rite with the Priestess of the Night, the Kingdoms of Dark and Light, Sun and Moon have been at war.  Now Pamina, daughter of the Starqueen and of Sarastro, King of the Royal House of the Sun, has to choose which of her parents she will follow, in custom and in principle. And together with her lover, princely Tamino, she must face her ordeal at the Court of Wisdom - the Ordeals of Earth and Air, Fire and Water, from which none may flinch and none may escape.
  • Darkover's most puzzling riddles lay in the incredibly high mountains known as the Hellers - jagged, almost impassable peaks that have sheltered races and enigmas that are legends in the outside world...the howling inhuman Ya-men, the deadly Ghost Wind, the fiefs of barbaric brigand chieftain, decaying Dry-towns and the eerie forces that were worshipped as gods.  Dan Barron was a rational, efficient member of the Terran Spaceforce, until nightmare visions drove him from the safety of the Trade City into the unmapped heart of the Darkovan mountains.
  • This volume contains:  Centaurus Changeling; The Climbing Wave; Exiles of Tomorrow; Death Between The Stars; Bird of Prey; The Wind People; The Wild One; Treason Of The Blood; The Day Of The Butterflies; Hero's Moon; The Engine; The Secret Of  The Blue Star; To Keep The Oath; Elbow Room;Blood Will Tell.